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Son unas chanclas, o chancletas!

Why did Andrew Cuomo and his political cronies visit Cuba? What was the clear benefit for New York State? The Governor previously prevented official NY business trips to Indiana, where the Governor signed a bill allowing gays to be denied services, but then visits Cuba, where gays were thrown in jail.

¿Cuómo se dice flip flop en Español?

To add insult to injury, neither Fidel, nor Raul Castro made time to meet Cuomo's Caravan and some say junkets like this one are not only expensive for NY taxpayers, but may be also offensive to Cubans, who have been victimized by the Castro brothers communist regime. ¿Que Paso Señor Cuomo?

The Governor should issue a detailed report proving that this trip benefited all New York taxpayers, or return our money which he spent on this and all previous junkets.

Andrew Cuomo visits Cuba to open pathway for NY businesses