환영합니다 Hoan-young-ham-ni-da 어서오십시오 Eo-seo-o-sib-si-o

Submitted by ub on Sat, 08/27/2011 - 19:36

Some of the congregants of the fledgling Trinity United Methodist Church in our New York City seaside community of City Island were surprised when their new pastor arrived – and they see that he is a Korean.

Though worlds apart, this new pastor and the congregants are slowly discovering common ground in matters of friendship and devotion. Through their camaraderie, and with laughter, they will find solace and healing in each other.

Haeng Lan and her husband Reverend Ezra Hongchang Yew keep praying that all of you will stop by to say hi, introduce yourselves and personally get to know them. 113 Bay Street X1218

I have done just that, and after speaking with both of them, I can report that they are a delightful addition to City Island. Welcome - 환영합니다 (hoan-young-ham-ni-da)
어서오십시오 (eo-seo-o-sib-si-o)