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OBAMA REBOUNDS, ROMNEY'S BINDER. Presidential Debate's Political Outcome.
A desperate competition of ideas and claims between two men who desperately want this job.
President Obama's tone increases as he takes off his political gloves, with fierce arguing showdown, while Governor Romney spoke about his record of hiring women, he inspired a Twitter account, (at) Romneys Binder, with 12,000 followers before the debate ended. Some noted tension and clashes.

If they win, the rebels' blend of poverty, religious fundamentalism and anger could define the future of Aleppo, and perhaps the rest of the country.

CUBA TRAVEL RESTRICTIONS. Government Loosens Grip.
Scrapping the detested exit visa, following fifty years means Cubans could now leave anytime if they have permission and a passport from the country they want to enter.

APPLE'S STATEMENT. Smaller and Better.
Next week, Apple is expected to announce a better and smaller iPad.

YANKEES ON THE BRINK. Could Be Yanked From AL Pennant.
Huge payrolls are not everything, as Justin Verlander takes a shutout into the ninth inning and the Detroit Tigers beat New York 2-1 in a 3-0 lead in the American League championship series.