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TARGETING FEMALE VOTERS. The Crucial Constituency.
Following their second debate, Obama and Romney ramp up efforts to attract women voters.
Meanwhile. some object to an in-your-face town hall encounter between the presidential candidates.

US VIOLENT CRIME IS UP. Protect Yourself and Loved Ones.
Experts warn the new figures don't necessarily signal an end to the long era of declining crime, but these statistics are worth considering.

FBI STING NETS A WOULD-BE CAR BOMBER. The Terrorists Will Not Give Up.
Bangladeshi man's alleged target: the Federal Reserve building in New York City.

TALIBAN SHOOTING OF 14-YEAR-OLD GIRL. Causing New Considerations.
In Pakistan, there's a finally a serious consideration to attack the militants in their haven along the Afghan border.

SKYDIVER'S RECORD LEAP. Improving Our Future.
Research statistics and facts about the effects of extreme speed and altitude on the human beings could possibly lead to improved spacesuits and better emergency medicine.

Nike, Anheuser-Busch and Trek Bicycle are some of the major sponsoring companies which have decided to part ways with the award winning cyclist.