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BEIRUT BLAST. Syria's War Crosses Border.
An explosion in a Christian section of Lebanon's capital killed an official considered an enemy in Syria as this provocative violence in Lebanon is tied to the Syrian conflict. Meanwhile, Syrian military officers have ordered that booby traps be placed in rebel guns. The Syrian government has salted the ammunition of anti-government fighters with ordnance that explodes inside rebels' weapons, wounding or killing them while destroying their guns.

NORTH KOREAN THREATS. Will Attack S. Korea Over Content Distribution
North Korea's military has threatened to strike a South Korean border area where anti-Pyongyang activists plan to launch leaflets from balloons next week. South Korea immediately vowed to retaliate if attacked.

END OF CAMP PAIN. That Long Political Run.
President Obama and Governor Romney are back on the attack, with days until their final debate and a little more than two weeks until Election Day.

YOUNGER PUBERTY. Boys Entering At Earlier Stage.
Because of the lack of precision in earlier studies, it cannot be decisively said that male puberty is starting at a younger age, but a great deal of the most recent evidence points that way.

FREE SPEECH YES. Free Loading No.
Hardly a stranger to political movements, the city of Berkeley, California has championed free speech, no nukes, the antiwar movement and now, sitting on the sidewalk is not allowed.