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BIGGEST SUPER-STORM THREAT. Power Outages and Massive Flooding.
A tidal wave of water surge amped up by a full moon would threaten the largest amount of lives and could possibly cause heavy property damage. Meanwhile, Sandy's storm-related toll across the Caribbean has reached at least 65, with 51 deaths in Haiti.

The mood of our nation finds some Republicans don't buy Romney's portrayal of Obama as a one-man wrecking crew, and other Democrats who don't see the president winning on job development. Meanwhile, the race gets tighter as Romney gains in Florida and Virginia, he appears to have a narrower state-by-state path than Obama to winning the electoral vote.

SHOWDOWN AT UN. Palestinian State.
As President Mahmoud Abbas moves forward on seeking upgraded status, the U.S. and Israeli are threatening retaliation.

BASEBALL CHAMPS. Giants Win World Series
San Francisco sweeps the Detroit Tigers for their second World Series title in three years.

ARGO IS WINNING FILM. At The Movie Box Office.
ARGO is Ben Affleck's thriller about the Iran hostage crisis. It takes first place after three weeks in U.S. theaters.