10/30/12 News & Information Service 24/7

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DEATHS AND MILLIONS IN THE DARK. October Monster Storm Sandy Slams East Coast.
16 deaths were reported in New Jersey, New York, Maryland, North Carolina, West Virginia, Pennsylvania and Connecticut. Some of the victims were killed by falling trees. At least one death was blamed on the storm in Canada.

50 NYC HOUSES DESTROYED. Fire and Flooding.
FDNY says a six-alarm fire has destroyed 50 plus homes in the Breezy Point section, with nearly 200 firefighters fighting the blaze.

Political fight continues as voting for President as well as casting ballots for ObamaCare Mandate on state ballots.‎‏

LIBYA WARNINGS. More Than Plenty, But Not Specific.
US State Department received many warnings about the deteriorating situation in Benghazi, none focused on the diplomatic compound that was attacked.

FAILED PEACE IN SYRIA. Violence Continues.
The declared four-day holiday truce in Syria ended on Monday, with airstrikes, artillery barrages and other firefights that made a mockery of the so called cease-fire.