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60 MILLION US VIEWERS EXPECTED. Romney prepares fresh salvos for Obama.
Lagging behind in polls in nearly every battleground state, the Republican presidential challenger has been preparing intensely for his extremely important TV debates.

NEW ERA FOR GEORGIA. Ivanishvili Faces Obstacles.
Georgia’s next Prime Minister will have to fulfill promises to rebuild agriculture, create jobs and improve relations with Moscow, while still working with the president.

SANCTIONS HURT IRAN. Ahmadi-Nejad Finds Trouble Ahead.
A hidden war by western governments against Tehran as a result of its nuclear plans has seen Iranian oil sales drop and value of the rial plunge.

CASUALTIES INCREASE. Syria’s Kurds Talk About Life After Assad.
About 1.7m Kurds have been quietly opening police stations, courts and local councils they hope will form the foundations of an autonomous region

BOAT CREW ARRESTED. Following Hong Kong Boat Crash.
As a criminal investigation begins, rescue workers continue to search for passengers from a boat which collided with a ferry and sank off Hong Kong island and killing 38 victims.