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ACCUSED TERRORISTS.Five al-Qaeda Backers Arrive in U.S. For Trial.
These men had been fighting British extradition for some years. Two of them are charged of ties to 1998 embassy bombings.

At the polls and at gunpoint the governments in Egypt, Tunisia and Libya face challenges from the right.

HUGO CHAVEZ FIGHTS. Political Survival
Hugo Chavez fights for his life in politics as election gets underway. The ailing Venezuelan leader faces his rival, who has energized the opposition.

BIDEN vs RYAN. Briefing Before Their VP Debate.
Stakes are now significantly raised in the wake of first Obama-Romney face-off.

PAY PER VIEW DEBATE. Jon Stewart, Bill O’Reilly Rumble.
Zingers flew and egos crackled as the two wits debated in front of a boisterous audience in Washington on Saturday night.