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CHAVEZ VICTORIOUS AGAIN. Wins Fourth Term in Venezuela
Venezuelan voters have re-elected their controversial socialist president Hugo Chávez for another term quashing the opposition’s best chance at unseating him in 14 years.

OBAMA CAMPAIGN CLAIMS. On Target Despite Poor Debate Performance.
Despite his lackluster debate, he remains optimistic and on top of reliable Democratic states, if the president takes Ohio, New Hampshire, Iowa and either Wisconsin or Nevada, he will win the White House.

IRAN SCRAMBLES. Using Force To Strengthen Rial.
The open currency market is forcibly closed and dozens of traders have been arrested after the deteriorating economy triggered demonstrations last week. Meanwhile, dollars limit the damage of Iran's currency collapse. The rial's stunning free fall is unlikely to pose an immediate threat to the centers of Tehran's power still flush from oil sales.

GLOBAL FINANCES. Economic Recovery On the Ropes.
US economy appears to be the brightest spot in the world economy as yet another global recession now threatens, according to the latest tracking index.

SYRIAN SHELLING. Causing Dilemma For Turkey.
Shelling leaves Erdogan with a serious decision. That fine line between deterrence and escalation may be difficult for Recep Tayyip Erdogan to tread if Syrian shells continue to hit Turkish terrain.