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US TOPPERS FIGHTING. For Professional Careers.
David Petraeus is unlikely to face court-martial, but remains under military jurisdiction, adultery alone is not often prosecuted without other violations. Gen. John Allen is in a fight for his career. He was expecting to become the allied commander in Europe, instead he's investigated in an ever widening sex scandal. The FBI is trying to determine how Paula Broadwell, who had an affair with Petraeus was able to obtain classified files.

US FISCAL CLIFF. Will congress take the walk or stop the madness.
A short drop off fiscal cliff would severely hurt all of us. These United States as we know it will literally go off that fiscal cliff even just a tiny bit would hurt a whole lot.

US INSURANCE EXCHANGES. Some question administration’s ability to set them up
In those states which decline to build their own, the federal government will step in and some doubt it is up to the complex task.

CHINA SHUFFLES LEADERS. Communist Party New Makeup.
Two of its leadership bodies have been reportedly chosen, offering the first indications of what its top governing body will look like when finally revealed on Thursday. 18th Party Congress is closed today after appointing the members of its Central Committee and Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, according to the state-run Xinhua News.

JAPAN POLITICAL ACTIONS. May Trigger New Elections.
An agreement to dissolve the lower house of parliament on Friday now sets up for another leadership change, its seventh shift in as many years.