11/18/12 News & Information Service 24/7

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MIDDLE EAST MAYHEM. Hundreds of Israeli Strikes Dozens of Gaza Rockets Into Israel.
Israel attacks on the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip, with 300 air strikes, killing a dozen people and destroying key Palestinian targets.

OIL RIG CADAVER. Body Found Near Burned Gulf Oil Rig.
Divers in the Gulf of Mexico recovered a body in the waters near the site that caught fire, U.S. Coast Guard officials confirmed.

MISSOURI MANIAC. Would-be Killer Targets Walmart.
A homicidal Missouri man who planned to slaughter viewers watching a “Twilight” film finale instead targeted a nearby Walmart to increase his death toll.

SANDY'S DESTRUCTION. Irreplaceable Gems.
From the Jersey Shore to Pelham Bay, Sandy uprooted 40,000 people, devoured more than 8,000 street trees, destroyed hundreds of homes, which burned down or were swept away, and tens of thousands need emergency repairs.

GOODBYE TWINKIES. Hello Happy Hoarders.
Twinkies have flown off the shelves as sellers look to cash in on the Internet like exquisite delicacies.