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FOUR YEARS LATER. How High is Obama Euphoria?
Many converged on the night of Barack Obama’s election in 2008. Some now have gone different ways since. They have learned about the fragile economy and those many burdens of debt, also about following dreams and the enduring reality of race in America. Some wrestle with self-doubt and the others are filled with fear.

SYRIA TEST. Turkish Topper.
His increasing conflict next door is one of serious challenges facing Turkish leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan, whose 10-year reign has transformed his nation. Meanwhile, Syrians refugees are in limbo in Turkey. They are classified as guests, although they've been displaced by war are awaiting news from the opposition and a chance to return home.

BOGUS BOARDING. Fake boarding passes Posing Safety Threat.
Fraudulent passes can be used to get through airport security checks, according to evidence made available by security researchers.

Hundreds of puppets and their human handlers marched towards Capitol Hill to support PBS.

MEXICAN DRUG LORDS. Abusing U.S. Transportation Network.
Major American cities along interstate highways become cartel hubs for heroin and meth distribution networks.