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ELECTION DAY. Finally... Decision Time Today!
After two year and billions spent on mostly negative ads, the US presidential and congressional elections will finally be decided by the voters. Don't miss our up-to-the-minute coverage of this most expensive divisive election election. Please tell us what's going on at your local polling stations, comment on the candidates, or just sound off @CIMAGES.

120 MILLION BALLOTS. US Voters Expected.
Battleground breakdown few states will decide the presidency. Seven states will determine the fate of President Obama and Governor Mitt Romney on Election Day. Following 17 months of non stop campaigning.

NEW STORM. East Coast Braces.
Many New Yorkers are not prepared for the for new storm as 1.4m people are still without power in seven states along the region.

CHINA LEADERSHIP SHIFT. World Watches Cautiously.
Global cautious investors are eying up China's leadership shift, as officials increase a new wave of crack downs on many dissidents.

APPLE FALLING? Their Share of Tablet Market Dips.
Rivals using Google’s Android software are gaining ground ob Apple's previous domination.