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PRESIDENT RE-ELECTED. Obama Victorious Again.
Obama beats Romney by winning the state of Ohio. Victory leaves our nation divided and now demanding immediate compromise. Taxes, immigration and a list of reforms are now in order.

CONGRESSIONAL BALANCE OF POWER. Dems retain Senate GOP keep House.
An intense battle for Congressional control is over with Democrats retaining the Senate, the GOP holding on to its grip on the House and partisan bickering must stop in an increasingly divided DC.

OTHER WINNERS. Who Are They And Why?
Twitter: Social media network enabled average Americans to take part in the campaign in real time. Latinos: Helped to propel Obama to victory. Clinton and Big Bird's relevance Governor Christie: His b-romance with the President because Americans love bipartisanship. Paul Ryan: Firebrand GOP made Romney competitive and performed credibly in debate. Christie/Ryan in 2016?

GOP RULES IN HOUSE. Republicans Hold Majority
Republicans defend their gains that swept them into power in 2010 and now have solidified a spot at the table in the fiscal debate.

SUCKER-PUNCH STORM. Norester Weather Approaching.
Following the devastation left by Hurricane Sandy, there's another storm headed towards the NY region, with 60 mile per hour winds could, which could cause additional damages.