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EGYPTIANS SUPPORT CONSTITUTION. Morsi’s Muslim Brotherhood Claims Victory. Majority of Egyptians vote in favor of the draft charter, which narrowly supports controversial draft constitution. This follows violent protests, which is seen as a referendum on President Morsi’s stewardship.

DOJ ON GUN CONTROL. Waited On Gun-control Recommendations.
US Department of Justice suggestions on how to reduce firearms violence devised in 2011 were tabled till after 2012 vote.

SANDY HOOK TEACHERS. Soothing Terrorized Kids.
Educators locked doors, turned back to face their students and wondered how to explain the unexplainable. Meanwhile, Newtown, CT takes first step in recovery after school shooting.
That quaint Connecticut town bands to mourn its losses and confront the unfathomable.
Medical examiner says victims suffered multiple gunshot wounds and appeared to have died quickly.

CLINTON CONCUSSION. Injured After Fainting and Falling.
The secretary of state has been ill and fainted from dehydration while at her home. Meanwhile, Senator Kerry, the probable Cabinet nominee has pragmatic approach to security, and expected to receive confirmation.

DEMOCRACY'S ALARM CLOCK. Sunset Clause, No Santa Claus!
While outdated laws pile up and bad ones are not being fixed, US lawmakers turned to “sunset clauses” expiration dates forcing Congress to reconsider old laws before they disappear.