1M Worth of Lies

Submitted by ub on Sat, 09/02/2017 - 18:16

Lies can be extremely dangerous, depending on the context. Especially, when an elected leader accuses his predecessor of wiretapping during the elections, and after money, time and energies are wasted, officials announce the accusations are false.

After months of empty lies, US Justice Department officials have confirmed what many already knew. There is absolutely no proof of accusations about President Obama wiretapping. Big mouths are just that, they grandstand with false narratives in hopes folks will forget about it the BS later.

One intelligent academic who enjoys impeccable credentials pointed out the term Caraculo, Spanish for ass face.

DOJ confirms no evidence supporting Trump claim Obama wiretapped him

Justice Department finds no evidence Obama wiretapped Trump Tower during campaign:

Justice Department: No evidence to support Trump Tower being wiretapped by Obama…

Justice Department: No evidence Trump Tower was wiretapped @CNNPolitics

Trump's claim that Obama wiretapped his campaign is false, says U.S. Department of Justice

Justice Department contradicts Trump: No evidence Obama wiretapped Trump Tower

Department of Justice says it has no evidence Obama ordered wiretap of Trump Tower

A timeline of Donald Trump’s false wiretapping charge…

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It takes a dirty, filthy liar to make up stories and try to tarnish another person's reputation.