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2015 will be a bumpy ride because 2014 was a busy 24/7 news cycle...

Entertainers excessively showed off causing public reactions, or they just couldn't get along, while popular sports generated way too many headlines off the field.

In politics, the world saw the largest democratic election in history, GOP members took over US Congress, Spain and Catalonia, China and Hong Kong, as well as The Scots and The Brits had marital issues, international spying grew into major implications, while we saw fat cats try to shake excess weight off their backs, nations annex regions and peace talks continue.

Race tensions grew worldwide with increased international violence in many regions of Africa and The Middle East, while in America there were too may public safety related deaths.

In business, Free online TV came and went, while the minimum wage continues to move slowly, while China grew into the largest economy with an e-commerce company that went public and took Wall Street on a magic carpet ride.

In immigration, a normally hot-button issue became hotter. US tried to fix the system, followed by abuse of power accusations. Stay tuned in 2015.

Health and science world experienced largest outbreak in history that has no vaccine and no specific cure and killing thousands so far, with Obamacare grew in participation and "vape" becomes the word of the year.

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Adios, Gabriel, Carmen, Ruby, Ben, Oscar, Ariel, Maya, Ashutosh, Rubin, Rafael, Efrem, Shirley, Don, Sid, Robin, Ziad, Hobart, Mickey, Lauren, Phillip, Pete, Joan, Wenjian, Wubbo and all who left us too early. We'll be missing you!

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