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Rudolph William Louis "Rudy" Giuliani, former NYC Mayor, and adviser to the White House. Who are these two WITS?
The president and Rudy's effort to convince the public that neither POTUS nor his lawyer, Michael Cohen, had violated the law by paying a porn star to keep quiet about an alleged affair might have backfired. Giuliani May not only be a @POTUS stooge but wasn't he the one who tried to make money from his 9/11 connections?

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Rudy may be a red-faced half-wit who could be adding to the legal headaches of his BFF, new law client, an old pal, President POTUS when he linked hush money payments to a porn actress and the potential fallout if allegations of trysts were to be made public during the political camp pain. “We’re not changing any story,” Trump just said about the Stormy Daniels payment. Giuliani said Wednesday that Trump had repaid Michael Cohen for it. Last month, Trump said he didn’t know about the payment or where Cohen got the money.

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