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There is a move underway to get SYC to disappear from City Island?

There may be some trouble in paradise. The above coordinates refer to an iconic NYC Yacht Club, which some claim may be facing difficulties, but that really depends on who you listen to, and whether you decide to believe everything you read, or hear. The problems appear to have developed following Super-storm Sandy and then became more complicated during Spring of 2014.

One informed source tells us there is a small group has been acting like a bunch of drunken sailors and is bent on the systematic destruction of the club wishing it would be dissolved. It is about a private, member-owned yacht club located at the center of a controversy on City Island and after more than 100 years of relatively smooth sailing, it appears to be running into choppy words and, or waters. Some locals and longtime club members are spreading rumors about its demise.

Other folks have been finding trouble everywhere, diagnosing it incorrectly and insist on applying the wrong remedies. City Images heard from members, neighbors and concerned City Islanders, who offer different versions varying to the club is being sold, to it being taken over by the city, to those who wish to save it from gloom and doom.

We phoned the club and also sent emails, but our messages did not get through. It appears that the club's real estate values are being contested and we are bring told the property is for sale, but were not able to confirm a specific price.

A meetings appears to be scheduled for tomorrow and we are being told by folks who plan to be there that additional information may follow that session. Stay tuned for additional information as it becomes available and obviously, you do not have to wait for the next publishing cycle of a local rag.…