5 Mayo Recipe

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Combine first 5 ingredients for a creamy mayo with pico de gallo.
Meanwhile cover a large skillet with oil, or cooking spray.

Add cactus paddles, in batches; cook on high heat 5 min. on each side or until cactus is lightly cooked and sticky liquid has evaporated.

Top 5 cactus paddles in skillet evenly with chorizo and Singles; cover with remaining cactus paddles.

Cook 5 min. or until Singles are melted. Serve with lost of mayo and a bit of pico de gallo.

Gorditas de Nopales y Chorizo /Gorditas Michoacanas

TACOS DORADOS papa con chorizo de nopal

11 Cinco de Mayo facts you didn't know

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WHY 5 DE MAYO MATTERS . . . The Battle of Puebla happened on May 5, 1862 because France came to collect on Mexico's war debts. The United States was involved in the Civil War and was unable to enforce the Monroe Doctrine. France had a deal with the Confederacy to use Mexico to funnel arms shipments to the South, enabling them to defeat Abraham Lincoln's forces and secure French passage toward reconquering Canada. The Mexican Army, commanded by 'repatriated' Tejano General Ignacio Zaragoza, defeated the French forces, led by the Marquis de Laurencez and thwarted that plan and enabled President Benito Juarez to stall the advances of Napoleon II's French Empire. The rest is history.