50 Years In Paradise

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If I had known about this institution for higher learning while I was paying beaucoup dorm bucks and huge amounts of tuition with my student loan at The University of Miami which painstakingly took me years to pay back, a no brainer, I would've studied here instead.

The University of Puerto Rico at Cayey was founded in 1967 as a regional school inside an old military camp. In 1969 it became a college and then acquired autonomy on April 2, 1982, following a Council of Higher Education resolution.

Academic excellence, commitment to Puerto Rico and dedication to educating students have been a constant during each of the 50 years of existence of this gorgeous tropical paradise in the mountains. This is the most beautiful campus of the University of Puerto Rico.

During the past 50 years, UPR-Cayey has been distinguished and has excelled thanks to the presence of several aspects that have significantly marked what the Cayey area is today.

is Magazine is a semi-annual academic publication of UPR-Cayey, founded in 1968. It is one of the most prestigious academic journals at the University of Puerto Rico. It disseminates multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary research and creation works, in Spanish or English, from the UPR and other academic and cultural institutions.

Since 1974 the UPR Cayey Choir has been an integral part of the history of the venue. The choir is represented to the venue and to Puerto Rico outside the Island, offering concerts in the Dominican Republic, Colombia, and Ecuador.

Since 1979, the UPR-Cayey Museum of Art has perpetuated the artistic and historical legacy of the Cayeyan multi-faceted artist Ramón Frade. The Smithsonian-affiliated museum is composed of a variety of works of art and objects produced by the artist himself, as well as material belongings from his Cayey home.

Antonio Martorell left his mark at UPR-Cayey since 1986, when he began to work as a Resident Artist at the venue. In 1996 the Museum of Art Dr. Pio López Martínez of the UPR-Cayey was reconceptualized by the master, who recreated in the Frade House a residential structure of the twentieth century, acclimated with a wood library, a study and a bedroom typical of that time.

The Women's Studies Project was founded in 1986 at the University of Puerto Rico in Cayey, is a pioneering effort to advance the rights of women through education, research and community service. Its specific functions are to promote teaching in women's studies and gender, provide for curriculum enrichment and teacher training, and serve the internal and external communities.

Pro Women sponsors seminars, research symposiums and teaching for teachers throughout the country on the integration of gender studies into the traditional curriculum and the professions.

The Agricultural Market, made in such a beautiful park as the Shades Green Park, has the presence of Organic Farmers of the region offering healthy and top quality products to the community and boosting the country's agriculture. In October, the UPR Agricultural Market in Cayey celebrated 4 years of serving the community and promoting Puerto Rico's economy by giving Cayey farmers and artisans the unique opportunity to sell their products to the public.

The Interdisciplinary Research Institute, a unit of the UPR-Cayey Academic Dean's Office, promotes research and academic creation through projects of an interdisciplinary and applied regional approach.

The Census Information Center is part of the dissemination network of the United States Census Bureau and has the capacity to integrate geographic information systems.

As a complement to the academic work at UPR-Cayey during these 50 years, the campus has always promoted activities that help students to further develop their artistic and leadership skills. The campus has a variety of student organizations. Currently, UPR-Cayey has the largest number of Student Organizations in the Country. The Cayey campus enjoys 50 accredited student organizations.

UPR-Cayey spokesman Ángel Hoyos tells CITY IMAGES that besides being the most beautiful university campus on this enchanted island of Puerto Rico, they're celebrating "Festival de la Amistad" or "Friendship Festival" Feb 13 - Feb 17 @ UPR Cayey, PR.