52 Too Many

Submitted by ub on Thu, 01/18/2018 - 10:45

Over the past year, @POTUS has increasingly lambasted the free press in person, at rallies, and on Twitter. Ahead of his first anniversary of the inauguration on January 20, there has been a barrage against the news media since he has been in office.

Throughout my life, I have met, and or experienced the effects of several dictators trying these propaganda tactics with its sole purpose being an attempt to silence opposing points of view and destroy democracies.
Human Rights Watch: Trump era encourages world's strongmen

A news media study from @gallupnews and @knightfdn organizations finds that Americans’ attitudes toward media are seeing deep partisan divides, but the majority see “fake news” is the real threat. Study: Americans view media negatively, can't agree on meaning of 'fake news'

As we approach one year after @POTUS Trump's inauguration... Why must US taxpayers continue paying for 52 tweets attacking the press by @pressfreedom

Donald Trump's Fake News Awards prove he's not fit to be a leader of the free world…

Trump "Fake News Awards" mainly just list of reporting errors that were corrected

Trump presents 'fake news' awards for 10 stories — some of which really were false