5/26/12 News & Information Service 24/7

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SYRIAN GOVERNMENT ATTACKS ITS CITIZENS. 250 Member UN Force Investigates Massacres.
Reports of nearly one hundred killed. Women and children reportedly slaughtered with knives. Hundreds are said to be injured.

SECOND DEGREE MURDER CHARGES. No Bail Following Hernandez Confession.
Suspect, Pedro Hernandez, who is under suicide watch has been charged with the murder of Etan Patz. Officils say his confession is only one part of the entire investigation.

SPACEX DELIVERY COMPLETED. Capsule has been captured by International Space Station.
Watch the opening of the Dragon hatch doors during a live webcast at approximately 3:00 am PT on

EGYPT ELECTION RUNOFF. Islam Competes With Previous Politicians.
Presidential candidates Ahmed Shafik and Mohamed Morsi's political battle to become President of Egypt has become a contest between two of Egypt’s most powerful, polarizing forces: political Islam and the military politics..

JOHN EDWARDS TRIAL. Juror Said To Be Flirting With Defendant.
Following 33 hours of deliberations, an alternate juror has apparently instigated exchanges. She reportedly smiled at him and Edwards smiled back. Then she is said to have giggled and he then blushed.