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CONTINUED VIOLENCE IN SYRIA. Some Say Nation Continually Divided.
As the Syrian conflict increases to new levels of sectarian strife, Assad leans on his religious base for support. The Alawite core of the elite security forces support him, as are Syrians from minority groups.

AUBURN, ALABAMA SHOOTINGS. University Students Included.
Three have been killed and two seriously injured after a shooting at an Auburn University housing complex last night. Football players among the victims.

SPAIN BANKS RESCUED. European Union Victory.
Spain asks for a bank bailout for poor real estate loans. European officials estimate cost up to 100 billion Euros, which translates to $125 billion dollars.

PUERTO RICAN PRIDE. Folds Dance and Flags Fly.
El Desfile Nacional Puertorriqueño con sede en la Ciudad de Nueva York, or The National Puerto Rican Day Parade (NPRDP)... Today is the day and you may watch the parade along Fifth Avenue in Manhattan. Also this cheerful and colorful spectacle is available on television.

NYC - 3K STRONG. Walk, Bike, Run For Cancer.
The lower level of The George Washington Bridge is closed until 10:30A to accommodate participants in the 25th annual American Cancer Society fundraiser, known as the “GWB Challenge.”