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ISLAMIST EGYPTIAN PRESIDENT? Presidential Race Ends With Military Rule.
There are confrontations ahead with the country's military as generals exercise control declaring martial law.

G 20 SUMMIT. Dissecting The European Financial Crisis.
A key point to be discussed by leaders will be the fate of Greece and the election as part of the Eurozone.

IRAN NUCLEAR TALKS. With Six World Powers.
With previous talks having gone nowhere, many hope today's meeting will move forward from the deadlocked negotiations.

RODNEY KING DEATH. Drowning Probe.
An autopsy being conducted early this week is part of the investigation into the death of the man whose videotaped beating by police sparked one of the nation's worst race riots.

SANDUSKY'S DEFENSE. Trial Continues.
The prosecution is expected to rest its case today. Now the attorneys representing the former Penn State assistant football coach argue their case in the child sexual abuse trial.