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HEALTH CARE LAW. How Do These Government Services Translate Into Actions?
Free vaccines for children, less expensive medicines for senior citizens and other benefits of Obamacare are already out there. More on the way, like a right to buy health insurance some day, even for patients with medical histories.

EUROPEAN UNION SUMMIT. Breakthroughs Reported.
A long all-nighter bargaining session has given way for European leaders to salvage a near failed summit by agreeing to funnel money into struggling banks.

USA MEETS WITH RUSSIA. Government Counterparts.
US secretary of state meets with Russian foreign minister a day before many other nation representatives meet in Geneva to consider the next steps towards dealing with Syria.

Florida judge weighs in on whether to allow a second bond for this neighborhood watcher who fatally shot Trayvon Martin.

CONGRESS AT WORK. New Legislation.
US lawmakers are poised to vote on a massive legislative package that overhauls highway and transit programs, salvages an estimated 3 million jobs and spares millions of students from higher interest rates on college loans.