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NIGERIAN AIR DISASTER. Investigation Into The Jet's Flight History.
The available records of a Dana Air Boeing MD-83 which crashed into a heavily populated area in Lagos, Nigeria killing all 153 on board are under extreme examination.

ZIMMERMAN'S LAWYER. Seeking New Bond Hearing.
The lawyer for the defendant in the Trayvon Martin shooting hopes to persuade the court to reconsider during a bond hearing, now that his client is back in jail after his bond was revoked.

HANOI NEW MIA SEARCH. Panetta Visits Vietnam.
The Vietnamese government has approved excavation to allow US officials to to search for missing troops from that war.

GOP MEASURE. Election Year Boost.
Republicans hope a bill aimed at repealing a tax on the makers of medical equipment would protect jobs, cut taxes and the same time, it would take a bite out of Obama's health care law.

HAWAII. Battle of Midway.
70 years ago today, U.S. sank four Japanese aircraft carriers just six months after the attack on Pearl Harbor, turning the tide of World War II.