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EGYPT'S LEGISLATURE IGNORES COURT. Parliament Meets Despite Supreme Court Ruling.
The Islamist-dominated parliament meets in defiance of a ruling by the country's highest court dissolving the legislature.

SPAIN BAILOUT. European Finance Ministers Offer Economic Lifeline.
The deal which is expected to be finalized soon, says 37 billion euros can be ready by the end of the month.

A National Consumer Law Center report says outdated state laws and misinformation allow big banks to buy houses for a pittance and resell them.

US TAX CUT PLAN. May Appear To Be In Doubt.
Democrat lawmakers are promoting tax cuts for companies that hire new workers, but Senate Republicans may succeed with procedural blockades to derail the measure.

STAY AWAY MR. OCTOBER. Reggie's Mouth.
The New York Yankees wish Reggie Jackson will stay clear of the clubhouse, as well as baseball team events following his comments during an interview about several Yankees.