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Submitted by ub on Sun, 07/01/2012 - 09:58

KILLER SUMMERTIME STORMS. Multiple Weather Related Deaths.
More than a dozen people have been killed, some crushed by downed trees as a result of violent weather. 2.6 million people without power in NJ, Maryland, DC, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Virginia, as well as West Virginia. Hundreds of thousands told to boil their water.

FEELING HOTTER. Trippe Digits Expected Heat Advisories Extended.
Meanwhile, 8500 ConEd workers have been dismissed, following a breakdown in contract negotiations and the utility insists that lights and air conditioners will continue to run.

SYRIAN TRANSITION. Seeking New Leadership.
Russia and China are among the nations, which have agreed to pressure Assad to step down and make way for a new government.

MEXICANS VOTE. Economy and Violence.
Voters are widely expected to give the PRI another shot at the Presidency. The party that ruled Mexico for much of the 20 century.

SPORTS NEWS. Yankees and Mets Win.
Both local New York teams shut out their opponents, while Spain and Italy face each other and battle it out in Europe.