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MITT ROMNEY'S HEALTH CARE SCENARIO. Issues Warnings Of Dooms-days Ahead.
Claims of job losses, deficit increase, and losing insurance are his versions of repercussions President Barack Obama's signature legislation may cause.

DARK WEEKEND WITHOUT POWER. Many Now Face Frighting Commute.
Residents of Mid-Atlantic states have a difficult driving, without traffic lights, with mass-transit delays and poor road conditions loom.

MEXICO'S PRI RULES AGAIN. Long time Ruling Party Returns.
Their promises to be democratic, but its autocratic history has Mexicans waiting and wondering.

EARLY FULL-TERM BABIES. Increasing School Woes.
A little extra time in the mother's womb may redefine what a premature birth means.

EUROZONE JOBLESS. 11.1%. Unemployment Rate.
Highest unemployment level since their common currency was adopted, Spain has one in every four people looking for a job.