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US ECONOMIC GROWTH SLOWS. Slight Increase with Fears of Stalling Economy.
US economy grew at just 1.5 percent from April through June on a steep cutback in consumer spending. And that doesn't do anything to abate fears that the economy is stalling.

U.S.-ISRAELI COOPERATION BILL. Morning Signing Ceremonies.
President Obama is reaffirming U.S. ties with Israel, upstaging Romney a day before the Republican challenger planned to visit Jerusalem.

PENN STATE VICTIM TO SUE. Shower Victim Number 2.
The boy Nittany Lions graduate assistant Mike McQueary saw in the showers with Jerry Sandusky says his lawyers plan to file a lawsuit against the heavily sanctioned Penn State.

WOMEN ARE MAJOR FACTORS. For Political Swing States.
Both Obama and Romney see suburbanite women ranging from ages 30s to 50s as crucial to victories in Colorado, Virginia and Nevada.

RESPONSE DELAYS CITED. Aurora Ambulance Teams.
Officials sent out urgent requests for additional ambulances following Colorado's theater massacre, while two-man crew was unfortunately idling a few miles away.