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BACK TO COURT IN FRONT OF A JUDGE. Colorado Shooting Suspect Is Arraigned.
Accused of killing 12 people in a suburban Denver movie theater, James Holmes finally faces formal charges and legal eagles expect the case to be all about his alleged insanity.

DISTURBING U.S. AUDIT. Iraqi Police Reveal Dismal Training Results.
Auditors conclude that $200 million was wasted on a program that officials in Baghdad say was not necessary, or wanted.

INDIA BLACKOUT. Health Care and Mass Transit Affected.
Electric grid providing power to northern India crashes, leaving 370 million people without power in one of the worst outages in more than a decade.

Tech titans square off in federal court as a closely watched trial over control of the U.S. smartphone and computer tablet markets gets underway. Meanwhile, injuries to smartphone-distracted walkers have reportedly quadrupled in the past half decade.

ARAB SPRING BIRTHPLACE. At Crucial Crossroads.
Tunisia's ultraconservative Muslims known as Salafis, want to transfer, the North African country of 10 million into a strict Islamic state.