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ROMNEY ATTACKS OBAMA. Says he's ‘Angry and Desperate’ Camp Pain Turns Uglier.
Mitt Romney lashed out at President Obama with some of the harshest rhetoric of his campaign. Prepare for intensified mudslinging.

FIRST 2012 ELECTION LAWSUIT. Legal Issues In Court.
Early voting in swing state Ohio sparks campaign dispute, with military voters at center.

SYRIAN BLOODSHED PROBED. UN Tries Justifying Actions.
A U.N. human rights report might fuel urgency for tougher action against the Assad regime.

THE DREAM ACT. U.S. Dreamers of Welcome Mat.
Young illegal immigrants brought as children will begin lining up for a chance for legal status.

1 HOUR FROM NY TO LONDON. Hypersonic Jet Tested.
Our world is shrinking and moving much faster, as the X-51A Waverider — a new hypersonic jet being tested that may be capable of going six times the speed of sound.