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NYC voters elected Bill de Blasio, but Jackie Kyle has been the unofficial mayor of City Island for 90 years. Jackie is a successful Real Estate Broker, who runs her family business with her son Christopher. Port of Kall Realty is located at 626 City Island avenue (718) 885 1166 / 1111.

Jackie holds her doctoral degree in meet and greet and is a superb conversationalist. Doing business from the entrance of City Island, the office been there longer than anyone can recall. This longtime family business was established by her ancestors and its been there ever since. She's lasted longer than the king of late-night American television and has also worked harder than many NYC Mayors, including those who served multiple terms. Jackie outlived one son, her daughter and her late husband, but like the EverReady Bunny, she keeps up her unbelievable energy by taking local strolls and enjoying Martinis.

Longtime friend and City Islander, retired Army Sargent Russell Schaller tells City Images that he met her on the island in the first grade. He recalls that she was a very nice looking girl. The two are still friends and regularly communicate the old fashioned way.

City Island's not so hidden treasure is a successful businesswoman, a community leader and activist, who over the years has made numerous contributions to her nautical community. Jackie is probably City Island's most famous personalities, who is alive and well.

This 90 year old senior citizen is not only a gorgeous fashion plate, but a true life VIP. When entering her City Island real estate office, it's easy to identify photos with various community leaders and powerful politicians.

Jackie Kyle holds her doctoral degree in meet and greet and is also a superb conversationalist. She will enjoy her well deserved 90th Birthday surprise party at The Morris Yacht Club next week. 5/28 @6P (Don't worry, she does not travel on the information superhighway.) By the way, her real birthday is on May 26.

PHOTO: Ron Terner