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The first lady of City Island celebrated her 90th birthday a couple of days late, but its always better late than never. Her official birthday was actually on May 26, as previously reported on CITY IMAGES, but the top secret surprise party was finally scheduled for last night.

The Morris Yacht and Beach Club, located on scenic and historic City Island, New York, was the venue chosen by Jackie Kyle Kalls's two delightful nieces Lauren and Leslie. These two loving family members were the ones who organized the beautifully choreographed birthday bash.

Mostly lady friends of longtime realtor and real estate broker Jackie Kyle Kall turned out to honor this City Island icon. There were representatives form leisure, media, housing, finance, and besides singing happy birthday and blowing out the delicious cake, a local government proclamation was read aloud to commemorate Jackie's 90 years of successful business and community service to City Island.

Jackie completed a lovely evening seaside soiree by enjoying her signature martini, which CITY IMAGES proudly purchased. For additional coverage of this local event, interested readers will just have to wait for City Island's newsletter, which unfortunately is still being published the old fashioned way.

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Happy birthday to City Island's most influential lady.