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TEACHERS GO ON STRIKE. Chicago First In 25 Years.
After contract talks with the school district failed over compensation, health benefits and teacher evaluations, educators walked.

LEAVING ON A FED PLANE. US Ends Costly Arizona Program.
The idea to give illegals a one-way plane tickets home to Mexico after being caught entering this country illegally was an expensive experiment that cost US taxpayers about $100 million over seven years.

ALARMING ACTIONS BY AFGHAN ARMY. Watchdog Suspects Fuel Funneling.
There's no proof a billion-dollar energy supply program is being used by Afghan security forces and it's not known how much fuel has been lost, stolen or diverted to the insurgency.

US officials hand over control of a prison holding thousands of Taliban and terror suspects to the Afghan government, even as disagreements over their detention complicate this transfer.

GOP CHALLENGER ROMNEY. Making His Case In A Battleground State.
Mitt Romney adopts a middle of the road approach towards national health care and defense spending into politically divided Ohio. Meanwhile, lawmakers have returned to our nation's Capitol and are facing important issues, including taxes, spending cuts and the prospect of a debilitating January 2013 "fiscal cliff" of expiring tax breaks and spending cuts.