9/11 Tribute

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Who, When, Why, What, Where and How?

I recall being on Broadway in Manhattan when the first plane crashed. My Associated Press office was located at 1995 Broadway, where I stayed with my Tocayo Bob Feldmnan to service AP's hundreds of clients until I later decided to visit Ground Zero. There, I ran into a former staff member, who asked if I was OK? My eyes turned watery, while I tried to assure myself that it was from dust and not rage that human beings could do this to US.

9/11 - amateur video of plane crashing, towers on fire via @YouTube

September 11, 2001, Video. via @YouTube

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The AP and Reuters were second guessing each other, but according to my recollection, it was AP, which first called it terrorism.

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Flashback 9/11: As It Happened |

Inside The Twin Towers - Plane Impact Survivor Clip via @YouTube
Who? 19 criminals caused 2,996 deaths and we still don't know too much about it.

9/11 uncensored footage discovered jumpers via @YouTube

When? 15 years ago on 9/11/2001.

Why? The World Trade Center was a symbol of global business.

What? Nineteen men hijacked four full of fuel commercial airplanes and crashed them.

Where? the attacks were targeted to each tower of New York City’s World Trade Center complex, US Pentagon building and crashed into a field in Shanksville, Pa.

How? These criminals entered the cockpit of all four planes and killed or subdued the crew using rudimentary tools, and blades.

There are more questions answered in the full authorized edition "The 9/11 Commission Report".

Why did the USA and its allies invade Afghanistan?

Why did America use weapons of mass destruction to attack Iraq?

Why did it take so long to find Osama bin Laden?

What’s at the other sites in Virginia and Pennsylvania?

How has this great nation changed since the 9/11 attacks?

How could it happen again?