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The was created by Beverly Eckert and Mary Fetchet, who founders of Voices of September 11th. This nonprofit was founded in 2001 by Fetchet, a clinical social worker and educator who lost her 24-year-old son, and Eckert, who lost her husband in the attacks.

Today the living memorial is an ever-growing online collection of more than 60,000 pictures, tributes and personal mementos. The organization has 13,000 members, families and friends of victims living in the United States and abroad.

For the past decade, Voices of September 11th’s staff has facilitated programs to promote resiliency and address the long-term, inter-generational needs of families, rescue workers and survivors of the terrorist attacks. There are now Voices of September 11th offices in New Jersey and Washington, D.C., as well as New Canaan, CT.

For Voices of September 11th events leading up to the anniversary, visit