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PROTESTS SPREAD. All Across Muslim World
Demonstrators protest from Australia to Yemen over controversial film. Islamist are fanning the flames of popular anger over perceived insults to their religion.

GOP LEADERS. Questioning Romney Tactics.
Mitt Romney’s remarks over the deadly attack on the US embassy in Libya have amplified concerns by members of his party that the candidate is losing a winnable election with a series of poor miscalculations and political errors.

Chinese military vessels are involved in a stand-off with Japanese authorities after entering territorial waters near the Japanese-controlled Senkaku/Diaoyu islands. These heightened tensions are over the disputed island group.

WHITE HOUSE ATTEMPTS. Lifting Myanmar Imports Ban.
Diplomats say such a move would boost President Thein Sein’s reform efforts as he and Aung San Suu Kyi prepare to visit America.

MISSING CHINESE LEADER. Politician Sends Signal.
State media have ended it's silence on Xi Jinping, but failed to end the mystery over the disappearance of a man some see as a closet democrat.