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NEW US NUKES. Nuclear Arsenal Overhaul.
Officials say U.S. nuclear arsenal is set to undergo the costliest modernization in its history at a time of fiscal crisis.

HEALTH CARE COSTS. Providers Charging Higher Rates.
Doctors as well as other medical providers have billed Medicare for increasingly complicated and costly treatments over the past decade, adding $11 billion to reimbursements and signaling a possible rise in billing abuse, according to an investigation by the Center for Public Integrity.

GUATEMALA ERUPTION. Volcano Forces Evacuations
Guatemala's Volcano of Fire is spewing lava and ash forcing a massive evacuation of thousands of people.

PROVOCATIVE VIDEO. Plot Shrouded With Controversy.
The trailer for the video was uploaded to the Web by an individual whose identity remains in question.

I-PHONE 5. Apple Event Live-Blog.
Ready for the iPhone 5? The tech world is buzzing about a new and improved Apple smartphone.