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ROMNEY VIDEO. Hurts GOP Revival Efforts.
Video of Mitt Romney saying that 47% of Americans ‘believe they are victims’ has put more pressure on the presidential candidate amid claims of infighting within his campaign staff

ANTI-JAPAN PROTESTS. Spreading Throughout China.
Anti-Japan protests are spreading across China and causing many Japanese retailers and manufacturers to close operations, as tensions remain high between the two Asian economic powers.

IRAN ATTACK. Nuclear Plant Sabotage Revealed.
Announcement that explosives were used to cut power to facility in August may signal latest covert operation to undermine Iranian atomic program

Parts of Syria under opposition control are embarking on a test of local government, running refuse collection, public safety and dispensing justice.

ARAB RAGE. Should Obama Feel Despair.
The violent unrest over the release of an amateur video, but the US government’s policies have broadly improved America’s standing in the Middle East.