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PRESIDENT OBAMA. Rallying Cry For Voters
The president accepts the Democratic renomination and seeks to recapture the confidence of US voters who continue to face economic hardships.

MITT ROMNEY CAMPAIGN. Criticized For ‘Neocon’ Foreign Policy.
Democratic party leadership on foreign policy matters is reviving memories of George W. Bush and his costly invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan.

TURKEY TURNS. Waking Up It's Neighbors.
Months after Ankara set out a more assertive role in the Middle East, it now appears to be importing instability from nearby countries.

US PRIVATE SECTOR. Hiring Has Accelerated.
Statistics indicate that companies hired the most workers in five months and planned job cuts fell to a 20-month low, easing fears over job creation.

FARC REBELS. Calling For Ceasefire.
This development could get the talks off to a difficult start because the last attempt to end the war saw these rebels using a ceasefire to rebuild their military strength.