Submitted by ub on Sun, 07/26/2020 - 11:54

Trump claims to have built many terrific structures and said he would build a great wall. So far he has managed walls of Republican enablers, peaceful protesters, American moms, veterans, and kneeling athletes. Lastly, thanks to Mother Nature: The great builder who built a wonderful wall just lost it as it came crashing down during a storm.

Meanwhile, most of our allies and world leaders appear far superior to @realDonaldTrump @GOP @POTUS because of their strength, compassion, empathy, resolve, moral authority, intelligence, nation-building, and admiration from a majority of their constituency. Trump has managed to make matters worse for our nation by delaying and denying,

Russia, North Korea, China, as well as other Communist and authoritarian regimes are better than ever. Since Trump is calling protesters who disagree with him terrorists, that puts him clearly in the company of the world's autocrats. 

America is beginning to look like another one of Trump’s many failed business ventures, but there are too many of them to list. But in 99 days Trump’s about to get fired for the last time. It certainly Is not the first time. Trump has lost investors, bankers, associates, and contractors who refuse to work with him, customers who have gone elsewhere, and last but not least, American voters. This guy has been been an empty suit for decades.

Everything about POTUS will stick to Republicans like political tar and feathers. Whenever the GOP tries to emerge from our national nightmare and run to the showers, it's not going to wash off.

99 demagogues on Trump's worthless wall. 99 POTUS Republican enablers... Take one down and share it around, 98 GOP empty heads on his wall... etc.