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There is really no other or better way than to age gracefully and slowly. Just consider the other alternatives.

I once interviewed a man on the lamb whose observations stunned me, He said young people were living on the fast lane and rushing to put a down payment on their tombstones.

In the era of constant hustle and the pursuit of speed, I have decided to follow the opposite of speedy Gonzalez and change lanes towards a different path.

One of less haste and a slower pace, one that I set as I wish by myself. This is the path known as slow living.

The fast-paced, stress-filled life that our world promotes, produces high blood pressure and anxiety in our lives. It’s an intentional shift in perspective, a choice to prioritize the quality of our moments over the quantity of our listed tasks.

The new UB philosophy is to work hard but does it at my pace, on my terms, and as my heart desires. My top priority is not earning much cash, because money is overrated. My focus is doing what I enjoy when I want to and fitting into the context of my life.

I optimize my reality for maximum happiness, ease, and enjoyment, not hustling every minute and hour of the day. Working smarter will take me farther.

Anyone who works hard will be unstoppable. My resolve is to turn work into play by focusing on my passions and then doing the work on a schedule that optimizes my work energy. Everyone is different.

Slow living offers a roadmap to more fulfillment. By embracing mindfulness, I immerse myself in the depth of each moment. By disconnecting from the digital world at times, I forge authentic connections. Inviting relaxation through activities I appreciate, spending time in nature, practicing gratitude, nurturing meaningful relationships, simplifying my life, and practicing self-care all contribute to this enriching philosophy.

My strategy is a reminder that life isn’t a race, but a journey to be savored, one beautiful, intentional moment at a time. I escaped the fast-paced life of a deadline-driven journalism career in big cities. Now hopefully living longer and have no regrets.

And so it goes.

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