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To eyewitness and feel the power of American culture, just step into any hip coffee shop in a big city outside of the United States.

The decor will typically have a Brooklyn aesthetic, with exposed brickwork and mismatched chairs; American pop music will play softly in the background; patrons will pore over their MacBooks while sipping overpriced caffè americano. Want to exit Pax Americana? Ask one of those patrons to predict the winner of the Super Bowl, which is taking place today, and witness their blank stare.

Can American football become less American? According to a published report by The Economist magazine…

The NFL wants to take the sport to the world. The world may not want it.…

However, In most parts of the world, football means soccer and in America, football means American Football. Soccer is the term used in America, Canada, Australia to refer to the most popular global sport i.e. Football, which is also known as Association Football. Now that the World Cup will be played in North America, chances are that sport will continue gaining popularity here there and everywhere. 

Furthermore, What a nonsensical game: The players call it a ball, but it is neither round nor can it roll. They call it football, but the part of the body that rareliest comes into contact with the "ball" is the foot!