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As America observes 187 days before the US Election, we ask voters and the national news media to stop thinking about both sides.

There is only one side to this guy, so stop struggling with covering him and reporting on his lies, hate, and false accusations.

Have you not learned over the years that the former guy is no good and has sold you and our great nation? He has been a recurring theme, with many commentators pointing out the challenges in adapting to his unique style and approach to politics. This warning underscores the urgency for the media to evolve its strategies in response to his abhorrent candidacy. His unorthodox behavior and disregard for traditional norms have posed significant challenges for journalists accustomed to conventional political figures.

Any influential editor, producer, or reporter clinging to old paradigms despite the seismic shift in political dynamics is lost. His record and actions demand a reassessment of journalistic norms and practices, pushing the media to confront its own biases, blind spots, and shortcomings. The failure to adequately adapt risks eroding the credibility and effectiveness of the press as a vital check on power. He is the enemy and we are the people.

The reference to his constant criminality and conspiracy theories highlights a pattern of behavior that has confounded and frustrated all of us in the news media for years. Despite ample opportunities to recalibrate the approach, some argue that the media has often fallen short in accurately capturing the essence of his failed presidency and its implications for the future of American democracy.

Overall, this warning should serve as a sobering reminder of the ongoing struggle for the free press to effectively navigate the turbulent landscape of his trials presidency and beyond. Adapting to the new realities of American politics requires a willingness to challenge established norms, embrace innovation, and uphold the principles of rigorous, impartial journalism in the face of unprecedented challenges.

MAY DAY - Wake up and smell the coffee, but most of all. tell the real truth and nothing but about this treasonous would-be tyrant and Putin puppet. He is a 6-year-old man who is a convicted rapist, who has multiple fraudster convictions and is under indictment for 44 federal and 44 state felonies, including treason, and an attempted coup. What would you call him? He is the enemy within who has been fired by We The People.