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The biggest political loser’s lawyers continue repeating everything he doesn’t want to hear but he won't listen or shut up.

Now they are asking for a meeting. Will it be a confession? The legal letter comes amid reports from the Wall Street Journal that the DOJ investigation led by Jack Smith is approaching the finish line for the document probe.

Special prosecutor Jack Smith is reportedly investigating Trump for possible violations of the espionage act, obstruction, witness tampering through hiring and paying for witnesses’ lawyers through his Save America Political Action Committee before they testify before the grand jury, also in possible criminal violation of federal election laws.

A former White House lawyer says Trump 'will go to jail' as Mar-a-Lago probe gathers momentum, per #CNN…

Could he soon become a flight risk and run for office but this time not only with Putin’s help but also from Russia with love?

Trump reportedly has a Russia-Putin vision for his political platform. Trump's 2025 Vision, revealed

Bill Barr says Trump's classified documents case is his biggest legal risk   

In an interview with CBS News, Trump-era Attorney General Bill Barr says he believes former President Donald Trump will be "very exposed" legally if he was playing "any games" with the documents marked as classified that was kept at his Mar-a-Lago estate. Barr also said he thinks special counsel Jack Smith could arrive at charging decisions in the Trump investigations as soon as this summer.…

Trump was warned about retaining classified documents, notes reveal

Exclusive: Unreported warning contained in notes taken by lawyer Evan Corcoran that prosecutors have viewed in recent months…

Trump knew 'botched subpoena response' could lead to obstruction charge: report…

Trump's former lawyers keep saying what he doesn’t want to hear

Donald Trump’s former lawyers have quite a bit to say about their former client’s controversies, but he probably won’t like their comments.

Examining Trump's legal battles with possible indictments coming in the 2020 Georgia election probe

E. Jean Carroll adds Trump’s post-verdict remarks to the defamation case, seeks at least $10M…

Then, according to Countdown, Keith Olbermann is now reporting that “Special Counsel Jack Smith is clearly pursuing a theory of Donald Trump’s stolen classified documents conspiracy in which Trump ignored a subpoena to return every classified document, committed Obstruction of Justice and violated the Espionage Act by hiding them from his own attorney’s search to retain them, and then somehow utilized them in post-presidency business deals with one of seven countries, including China and Saudi Arabia.
And as evidence: Jack Smith has nothing less than real-time hand-written notes from Trump’s attorney. The real-time record (one analyst describes it as “Special Counsel Smith strikes gold”) could be enough to put Trump in prison for ten years PER COUNT for not just willfully retaining classified documents, but deliberately HIDING THEM to keep his lawyer from finding them and giving them back to the authorities – a brazen violation of a key part of the Espionage Act.”…

Finally, Vladimir Putin’s government has expanded its list of sanctioned Americans, this time targeting Donald Trump’s perceived domestic foes. Defense security officials say Putin is scared and the West must prepare for the little butcher to use nukes in Ukraine.

The GOP tried to overthrow the government. Before that the Republicans weaponized the Federal Government for personal political vendettas. This long-running investigation of the Clinton Foundation well after the conclusion was reached that there was no indictable case is just the most recent example. 
Trump and his cronies used the DOJ to attack Omarosa Newman saying she violated statutes against abuse of power and personal punitive prosecutions, and the Civil Rights Act of 1964.
They attempted to have Cohen's probation revoked in retaliation for Cohen's book exposing Trump's criminal and immoral behavior... etc.