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Allow me to express strong frustration and concern about backward developments in the US Supreme Court. Character matters.

This is particularly serious regarding Justice Samuel Alito and the other conservative members. My feelings reflect a broader concern about the integrity of democracy and the rule of law. The Supreme Court plays a crucial role in upholding these principles, so it's understandable to feel alarmed when its decisions or statements are perceived as undermining them.

It's important to remember that discussions about the Supreme Court's actions and their implications are a vital part of democratic discourse. Expressing your views and engaging in dialogue about these issues can help shed light on potential threats to democracy and encourage accountability among public officials.

If like me you're feeling particularly distressed by recent events, seeking support from friends, family, or community members who share your concerns might be helpful. However, we should choose our friends wisely., 

Additionally, staying informed about developments in the political and legal spheres can empower you to advocate for the values and principles you believe in.

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