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I always pay my NewYork City property taxes early or at least on time before the deadline. Am I the exception or the rule?

For New Yorkers, ‘there are no consequences for not paying your property taxes’ as delinquencies spike to $880 million

According to published reports, overdue property taxes are forecast to reach its highest level ever, jumping by over 30% to more than $880 million at the end of the fiscal year in June from three years ago, according to an offering document for a city general obligation bond sale Tuesday. That means New York could be bringing in less tax revenue, since close to half of it comes from property tax collections.

This is not a victimless crime. Counties, cities, towns, villages, school districts, and special districts raise money through the real property taxes. These fund schools, it also pays for police and fire protection, maintains roads, and funds other municipal services enjoyed by residents.

Beyond these essential institutions, property taxes also provide the funds necessary for legal payouts for misconduct, personal injury lawsuits, etc.…